Changing Your Headlights for Spanish ITV reg plates #1

Do you need to change your headlights / Headlamps in Spain
If you wish to register your car on Spanish registration plates, you may need to get advice about changing Your Headlights For Spanish ITV Reg Plates? This is obvious as The Spanish drive on the right-hand side of the road, hence your headlights will be pointing slightly in the wrong direction. Not all headlights need to be changed, some can be adapted to suit the Spanish roads for Changing Your Headlights For Spanish ITV Reg Plates.

We can often realign headlamps to make sure they pass the ITV at a small cost. Sometimes the whole unit does not have to be replaced.
Sourcing the proper headlights in Spain can be troublesome. We can help you source Spanish headlights for your car. These will be adequate to pass The Spanish ITV without any problems. We do not make money on the headlights, the price they are to buy is the price you will pay for Changing Your Headlights For Spanish ITV Reg Plates.

Fitting Headlights on UK cars in Spain?
We can fit the Spanish headlights for you. This is not a costly affair and we can collect your car and drop it back off with you with your new Spanish headlights done ready for the ITV centre. Please contact us for a cost and whether the headlights need replacing at all for Changing Your Headlights For Spanish ITV Reg Plates.

Types of headlights/headlamps
Whether your lights are Xenon, reflector, LED or halogen, we can let you know exactly what can be done to either adapt the headlights or if they need replacing. Both can be done by us and we repeat we can pick your car up and drop it back with you. There is the option to change your headlights in Spain yourself of course. But the minimal cost involved we would always recommend having us do it for you for Changing Your Headlights For Spanish ITV Reg Plates.

Can the car pass the ITV centre without changing the headlights?
No, it simply will not pass without either the alignment or the headlight replacement having been done.

How hard is it to replace the headlights yourself?
Not particularly difficult if you have a good knowledge of mechanics and make sure you get the correct headlights. However, as mentioned the cost does not break the bank and the headlights will cost you the same if you order yourself, or, you order through us. We may even save you money as we know where to order the headlights online.

How do I find out if the headlights in Spain need replacing?
Make an enquiry to us and we will let you know how e can help. Just taking a video or a picture is usually enough for us to let you know exactly the cost and what will be involved in changing your headlights in Spain.

How much do headlights cost in Spain?
They are usually similar prices to the UK. Let us know your headlights and we will give you a free quote of their cost.  As you know, the nicer the car the more they cost. They can sometimes be 40 euros each and sometimes several hundreds of euros each. The best way to find out is the send us a picture by email, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

Can a quote for my car to be put on Spanish reg plates be done online?
Yes, you can fill in our form and get a FREE quote in roughly 24 hours. You can come and visit us, you can meet us at the office, you can drive the car to us, and we can give you a quote there and then.

What will happen to my RHD headlights when they have been replaced/realigned?
You can have them back. Sell them on eBay may be to enable recovering some of the cost of replacing the headlights. They always sell in the Uk just add international postage. Or maybe keep them if you decide to import the car at any point back to the UK then you have them on hand to replace back to UK legal headlights.

Do you do Spanish driving licenses?
Yes, for a nominal cost we can change your UK driving license to a Spanish one, again this is not that bigger deal to you yourself but we will gladly change your UK driving license to a Spanish driving license for you. If you do not speak Spanish, then this service is a great solution for Changing Your Headlights For Spanish ITV Reg Plates