Spanish driving license

Spanish Driving license #1

Getting a Spanish driving license is a relatively straight forward process. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself we can do it for you for a small fee. The red tape infamous in Spain can make obtaining your Spanish driving licence a pain.

Hence here at Car registrations Spain you can pay us to take the headache away from you you get a Spanish driving license. If you get pulled over by the police or the Guardia in Spain it’s always the best practice to have your Spanish driving license ready in your wallet/purse etc and the ensuing conversation should run more smoothly. If your car is new in Spain and not yet on Spanish reg plates then this is fine as long as you are in the permitted times before your need both a Spanish driving license and your car put on to Spanish reg plates.

How long do the driving licenses take?
Not usually that long when the paperwork has been done properly. However, we provide you with a temporary driving license whilst it arrives enabled you to drive with the Spanish driving license without worry.

Websites giving info such as the DGT in Malaga give information in Spanish on the matter so you can read in the native tongue such you decided to take this route yourself. However, we are happy to do this for you. Please feel free to contact us. or if you want a quote on getting your car onto Spanish reg plates then please feel free to get the information here.

Spanish driving license
Spanish Driving license

Can you use your Spanish driving license in the UK?
You can yes. You can hire a car in the Uk and use your Spanish driving license there. It will also be accepted in many european destinations. But most importantly, you will have no issues driving in Spain.

What’s it like driving in Spain?
Overall, it’s too bad. They obviously drive on the right-hand side of the road which differs to the UK but that said. The Spanish can be useful pretty handy of the horn of their cars. Don’t take this to heart as you might do in the UK. It’s done regularly but not with the same venom as the UK. Think of it as a gentle reminder and also do not let it take your eyes from the road.

Parking your car in Spain
Having your car bumped in Spain is referred to as a Spanish kiss. An affectionate way of explaining someone just bashed your car. The Spanish and people who drive in Spain seem to use their bumper as the gage of whether they are too close to your vehicle. IE they are there when they hear the bump. If you have a very nice car we would always suggest parking in the undergrounds with pillars between the cars or with ample space between the front and back cars. This made avoid you getting a Spanish kiss on your pride and joy.

Car insurance in Spain
Car insurance in Spain tends to be cheaper than in the UK. In fact probably 30/40% cheaper. This is probably due to the fact nowhere as many people claim for “whiplash” is it nowhere near as common to visit a Dr and get a payout for your car accident injuries. In the UK it is quite common albeit rules have been tightening. You do get a standard payout for whiplash in Spain but it is a fixed payout as opposed to the severity of each case. I turn that means claims are just not pursued as much and in turn, the insurance can be cheaper. Also, you Spanish kiss we mentioned earlier tend to be accepted and no claims are brought for small dents and scratches. It just seems just very minor collisions are tolerated.

Paying car insurance in Spain?
In one or two payments in almost most cases. Monthly payments are just not done in Spain the whole year is usually required in one or two hits.

How long do you get in Spain to drive your car without a Spanish license?
6 months – Any longer brings problems. You are classed as resident in Spain also after this amount of days have passed that you have been in this glorious country.

Taxing Your Car In Spain
Don’t worry we can help with this. If your car is on Spanish plates and you are just looking for a Spanish Driving license then we can let you know how to pay your Spanish car tax. Equally, if you need to your car on Spanish plates then we will include the road tax in the cost of registering your car onto Spanish plates.

What if I have an accident in my Car?
You need several documents in your car at all times. Whether you have had a car accident or not you need an accident form(s) which are filled in on the scene of the accident by yourself and the other person involved in the collision. If you do not speak Spanish we strongly suggest that you call someone who speaks Spanish as filling that form in is going to determine whether or not you were at fault. You need a photocopy of your passport a copy of your Spanish driving license and a copy of your insurance.