Spanish registration plates change.

If you have decided to import your car to Spain, you have come to the right place. Importing a car in Spain can be troublesome, there are a lot of potential pitfalls involved in The Spanish DGT commonly known as Traffico and getting your car onto Spanish registration plates. You have a period of grace when you import your car into Spain. UK insurance covers you for an amount of time to import your car to Spain. You should contact your insurance provider in the UK to give guidance on how your car is covered and what is covered when you drive your car into Spain. This period can be anywhere from 1 to 6 months. There are also options to pay extra to make sure your car is covered to drive in Spain fully comprehensive. Again, make sure you know this prior to importing your car to Spain.

Registering your car on Spanish Plates:

Second-hand cars in Spain can be expensive, hence, if you wish to import your car to Spain can be a way of retaining your UK vehicle, registering your UK car onto Spanish reg plates and save money. This will enable you to keep your pride and joy. And have the steering wheel on the side you recognise. A lot of people use this option instead of buying a second-hand car in Spain.

What is involved in registering a car in Spain?

Firstly, you need a pre-inspection. This involves your car passing the (COC) pre-inspection certificate. this is the first step to obtaining your Spanish registration plates. we arrange this pre-inspection and provide you with the certificate needed to then book your car into the ITV. Thereafter, we deal with all the paperwork, the Spanish DGt and everything involved. Basically, leave it to us and we will deliver (and fit) your new Spanish reg plates.

What are the taxes and costs?

This is our most common question, and the answer is every car differs. we provide free quotes on all cars with a breakdown of costs that include special registration tax, DTG, Car Road Tax, and any other costs including the ITV test (MOT equivalent)

Will you take the car to the ITV centre for us?

Yes, we can meet you at the ITV centre, or we are happy to collect your car and do the ITV for you. all cars in Spain are insured for us to collect. This is included in any price that we quote. This enables you to relax and not have to deal with the ITV centre especially if you do not speak Spanish.

Do you need to change the headlights?

Sometimes but not always, we can look at your headlights or you can send a picture of your headlights, if your headlights need changing, we offer a service to change the headlines for you at a small coast. We can also source the lights for you. You will pay no more than the headlights cost to be paid for a delivered to yourself or us. We can then quote you to fit the headlights ourselves. Not in every case do the headlights need changing or some occasions the lights you have can be slightly adapted to pass the ITV.  Headlights range for 40 euros each to hundreds each dependent on the car so this info is every handy prior to getting your car on Spanish reg plates.

What if the car fails the ITV?

The same as the UK you get it put right by a mechanic and take a much cheaper retest. In certain cases, you can just present evidence the work has been done such as a new tire etc. The cars retested for just the fails have been properly implemented and you can be on your way with your new UTV sticker and pass certificate. The ITV is generally not as strict as the UK.  We can point you in the right direction for mechanics that we trust and will do a good job, including speaking your language.

Will you look at the car for us first?

Yes, if you are local to us, we can take a quick look, however we will need details of the car to be able to quote on Importing your car to Spain. We must look in the government systems for the taxes so please do not assume we can quote there and then. However, that said this usually takes 24 hours.

Do you deal with the taxes of an import your car to Spain?
Yes, we deal with all the taxes the main 4 taxes in Spain are, Special registrations tax, Road tax, change of ownership tax, and Traffico. In the price quoted all of this is taken care of and the paperwork presented to you.

Can importing your car to Spain quotes be done online?

Yes, in fact this is by far the easiest way to do it. We can send you an online quote and then talk to the process if you decide to go ahead. We have a 100% success rate of getting cars on Spanish reg plates that have decided to move forward. With our fees been extremely competitive we feel importing your car to Spain does have to be a pain and stressful experience, let us do it for you.

Why are Spanish cars more expensive to buy?

Spanish tend to keep their cars longer, and do not get hung up on the mileage as much as the UK. Or in their case the KM’s. It is not uncommon to buy new and keep the car until they are ready to buy new again when the car is 10,15,20-year-old.  For this reason, second hand is valued more in Spain than the UK.  It just seems that having a brand new vehicle in Spain and not high on the list of Spanish families hence they hold their value much more.

What is the best way to import your car to Spain?

Drive it here is the main one. I can give you my own experience in driving my car to Spain. (Calahonda on the costa del sol) Firstly, you can bring lots of stuff. We vac packed a hell of a lot of personal items and clothes to bring with us. This brings with a security risk so make sure your parking is well thought out. We took a ferry to Santander from Portsmouth. We drove to Portsmouth from Leeds which was by far the worst part of the journey. From Santander (24-hour crossing) we drove to Madrid and stayed in a hotel with off street parking. From there we drove to Calahonda the next day. We took the toll roads which is obviously more expensive, but you can drive 120kms per hour as opposed to 80kms per hour on the coastal roads. The scenery was breath-taking, and the roads were quiet.

Companies do exist who transport your car for you, but we found the drive an adventure and the stunning landscape helped a lot. Importing your car to Spain does not have to be a chore. Sat Nav on your phone works totally fine. Read more about services here.